UPDATE #4 – July 4, 2016

July 4th @ 2AM – APICAT was on watch tonight and there was a guy peering into windows at Yi Shen then at King’s Asian Market windows and trying doors, then went over to the old Lok Yuan restaurant did the same thing and threw a rock. One of our awesome volunteer observers Kyra saw this and reported it to EPD. David Tam followed him on bike down West 11th. He stayed with him until other volunteer observers could flag down one of the Officers in the area. EPD caught him trying to break into a donation box at the Elk’s Lodge. David Yuen Tam thinks it is a good chance he may be one of the original vandals as he looks and walks like one of the guys in the security footage from a few nights ago. Fingers crossed!!!! Regardless, we still believe there are more vandals out there from the tips we have been given so stay vigilant.

Thanks to all the volunteers who showed up tonight including Kyra Ioppolo, Sam Roxas-Chua, Demiliza Sagaral Saramosing, Dungas Mevale, Dante Hyogo Haruna, Lori Rarey, Liana Leung, Connor, and many, many more!

Please sign up for other times this week!


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