UPDATE #5 – July 6, 2016

Please follow these UPDATED rules to ensure everyone’s safety.

Volunteer Observer Rules and Guidelines
Last updated: July 6, 2016

What you will need: a fully charged cell phone, flashlight, pen and paper, and snacks. If you have walkie talkies radios please bring them.

– Volunteers must conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times while observing.

– DO NOT ENGAGE. Observers must be aware that they are not vigilantes, but an extension of the Police Department’s “eyes and ears.”

– Be discreet. Blend in and don’t be obvious. Do NOT pull into or park at the businesses we are observing!!!! Keep your voices low and turn down the brightness of your cell phones. Stay in the shadows. Our goal is to catch vandals in the act, not deter them.

– Stay with a partner at all times when ever possible.

– The role of an observer is to observe and report any suspicious activity to either the organizers or to the police directly. Again, do NOT engage the subject.

– Stay in your vehicle at all times. Do not go on patrol, especially on foot, unless asked to do so by an organizer.

-9-1-1 should not be called unless someone (not property) is in danger. If you find something to report, call the EPD non-emergency number at: (541) 682-5111. Please save this to the frequent contacts in your phone for easy access. You should be prepared to share a very detailed description of the subject.

-Use your camera or phone to document any suspicious activity. Provide this documentation to an organizer (David Yuen Tam, Jason Mak, Sam Roxas-Chua, or Ardyn Reyes Wolfe.)

-Volunteers are not authorized to carry any weapon, nor involve themselves directly with suspects, to either detain them or engage in any activity normally associated with the duties of a Police Officer. A volunteer who engages in such activity will be asked to leave.

-Strict adherence to these rules keep volunteers safe, as well as to keep you from criminal and civil liability.


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