Update #12, July 20, 2016

July 20, 2016

Eugene, OR – APICAT was contacted by the owner of King’s Asian Market on West 11th (near Yi Shen). Apparently, this Asian-owned small business was vandalized again sometime early Monday morning. EPD has already documented the situation and APICAT Steering Committee Member David Yuen Tam will be speaking with the owner tomorrow. We will update you when we know more.



Update #11, July 14, 2016 | APICAT meeting with City Officials.

The APICAT Steering Committee met with Mayor Kitty Piercy, Chief of Police Pete Kerns, and City Manager Jon Ruiz early Tuesday afternoon to discuss short term and long term solutions to address the recent string of vandalism of Asian-owned businesses. Also present was Rachel Hsieh, representing her mother, Phung Hsieh, the owner of Yi-Shen Market & Restaurant. While media was not invited to the meeting, a couple of news reporters from KVAL and KEZI were present but were asked not to film during the meeting in order to foster an open and honest dialogue.

The meeting began with Rachel telling her family’s history and that of their store. She then described the impact that the repeated vandalism had on her family. This set the tone for a positive conversation for a constructive conversation focusing on City and API community partnerships.  Jason Mak, a member of the Steering Committee of APICAT facilitated the hour-long conversation.  Some of the things discussed were:

  • Continued EPD patrol of affected businesses (Not assuming that the threat was over or the right person was caught)
  • Resources to support targeted business owners, with possibility of city neighborhood grants
  • Setting up an API Business Neighborhood Watch
  • EPD Crime Prevention Specialists to evaluate safety and security of businesses
  • Request for a primary contact for community policing/liason at EPD
  • Resources to provide better Asian language services at the City
  • Number of API police officers
  • Human Rights Commission (HRC) partnership
  • Possibility of an API Chamber of Commerce
  • Enhanced relations with City Manager’s office
  • APICAT’s role in assisting the City connect with the API communities
  • Metro area leaders signing on to a statement of support for the API community and standing against hate
  • Education efforts to Asian businesses about what to expect regarding EPD response to property crime

The meeting ended with the City agreeing to write a statement of support for APICAT’s mission.

Update #10 | July 10, 2016

Sunday, July 10tH

**Breaking News**
Eugene, OR – Lt. Jen Bills informed the APICAT Steering Committee that a Eugene Police patrol caught and arrested a suspect of the recent vandalism of Asian owned businesses at 2:00 AM this morning around the Jade Palace and Lotus Garden areas. It is unknown if the suspect is indeed the actual vandal, but Lt. Bills believes that their M.O. matches. She also reports that this suspect was caught in the act on video, which they will analyze.

APICAT would like to thank EPD and the City of Eugene for their hard work and partnership on this vital issue to our community. In addition to stepped up patrols organized by Lt. Doug Mozan, EPD has also pledged to send Crime Prevention Specialists to evaluate the security of each of the affected businesses. Typically vandalism of this nature is not a priority due to resources and staff, as EPD does not typically send an officer out on this type of call. However, Lt. Bills has been treating this as a Bias Crime and directed dispatch and 911 to send an Officer. In our meeting with her Friday, we also discussed cultural and language needs of our community.

The APICAT Steering Committee will also be meeting with EPD Chief Pete Kerns, City Manager John Ruiz, and Mayor Kitty Piercy on Tuesday to discuss longer term partnerships and solutions.

We will provide additional updates as we receive them.

APICAT Steering Committee,
David Yuen Tam, Ardyn Reyes Wolfe, Sam Roxas-Chua, Jason Mak